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Unless you know somebody who works in the travel industry, then it can very difficult to get cheap airline tickets. However many people are simply paying far too much for their air travel. In this article I will share with you some ways to save money on your future air travel.

One simple way to save at least $100 off your airline ticket is to book early. If you book at least 4 weeks in advance then the airline company will give you a discount so you will pay much less than someone who books less than 4 weeks in advance.

You should also try to get a credit card which rewards you with air miles for each transaction you make using the credit card. These air miles can often add up quickly and eventually you can redeem these to get free flights and upgrades.

You should not book directly through a travel agent, instead always book your flight online yourself, simply visit the airline companies website and book it yourself. By doing this you will save significant amounts of money.

Another useful tip for you is to always arrive early at the airport, if you one of the first in the queue, then you can request to the member of staff that airport that you would like an exit seat. This will not cost you anything extra and is basically the equivalent of first class as exit seats give you much more comfort and leg room.

I hope you have found these tips useful and you use them to your advantage and start saving money on your air travel.